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Flat Rocks Field Trips 1994 - 2013

For more stories about Flat Rocks digs see our Field Reports and (after 2008) our blog.

In 2013 the Dinosaur Dreaming project conducted its 20th consecutive annual field season at the Flat Rocks site, near Inverloch. In the past 20 years the project has produced some remarkable achievements:

  • More than 350 volunteers from Australia and the rest of the world have taken part at one or more of the annual digs.

  • More than 15,000 fossil bones and teeth have been catalogued. This number does not include an equal number of bone fragments that were not catalogued.

  • 50 mammal jaws and two isolated mammal teeth have been recovered, representing three different groups of mammals.

  • Two genera of tribosphenic mammals have been identified – Ausktribosphenos nyktos and Bishops whitmorei.

  • The oldest and smallest monotreme in the world – Teinolophos trusleri.

  • The oldest multituberculate mammal in the Southern Hemisphere and the only example of a multituberculate mammal in Australasia – Corriebataar marywaltersae.

  • The first named dinosaur from the Strzelecki Group – Qantassaurus intrepidus.

  • The largest number of theropod dinosaur teeth from a single locality in Australasia – over 150 isolated theropod teeth.

  • The oldest evidence of Mesozoic birds in Australasia.

  • The oldest turtle in Australasia.

Approximately 500 metres north of the Flat Rocks site, the first articulated dinosaur skeleton (nicknamed "Noddy") found on the Bass Coast of Victoria was discovered by geologist and Dinosaur Dreamer Mike Cleeland.

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