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Dinosaur Dreaming

Dinosaur Dreaming is a joint project between Museums Victoria and Monash University. The name was coined by one of the Dinosaur Dreaming crew members when someone mentioned that volunteers who worked on the annual digs usually began to dream about dinosaurs.

The main Dinosaur Dreaming fossil site is located near Inverloch on the Bass Coast, south-east of Melbourne. It was discovered in 1991 by researchers from Monash University and Museums Victoria as part of an on-going search for Early Cretaceous fossils in Victoria. The site has yielded more than 10,000 fossil bones and teeth since its discovery, including at least seven different dinosaurs, three groups of mammals, birds, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, turtles and fish.

In 2014 the focus of the Dinosaur Dreaming project shifted to a fossil locality, approximately 230 km south-west of Melbourne, on the Otway Coast. Named "Eric the Red West". This fossil locality proved to be a treasure trove of exciting discoveries.


In 2023, after a pandemic-driven hiatus, the focus returned once again to the Bass Coast. In 2024, we worked a new site closer to Eagles Nest, which did not yield many fossils so we have moved to a site near Twin Reefs.

For more information, read our blog.

Visits to our Flat Rocks dig site can be arranged through SGCS.

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