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Who is Dinosaur Dreaming?

Since the start of annual field trips to the Flat Rocks site on the Bass Coast and the Eric the Red West site on the Otway Coast, more than 900 volunteers from Victoria, interstate and world wide have joined the core of regular crew who just can't stay away. These numbers do not include the myriad of sponsors who have supported the Dinosaur Dreaming project over the years.

Volunteers must be over the age of 18 and have a reasonable level of fitness. They must be willing to carry equipment to and from the site; a distance of approximately one kilometre. Jobs at the site include occasional sand removal from the excavation area and sitting for hours breaking big lumps of rock into small fragments of rock. This can be quite laborious, but the rewards are great. Ask any of the volunteers how they feel when they break open a piece of rock to find a fossil bone inside, or better still - a dinosaur tooth! It's magic!

All volunteers are trained to recognise what fossil bone looks like in the rock. The most important tool is a X10 hand lens as some of the bones, particularly the tiny mammal jaws, can be difficult to identify with the naked eye.

Anyone interested in applying as a volunteer should contact the Discovery Centre at Museum Victoria. See the discovery centre webpage.