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When is Dinosaur Dreaming?

The Flat Rocks site, near The Caves, Inverloch, was discovered in 1991. Other fossil localities along the Bass Coast are not as rich, but some have revealed the remains of animals that are found nowhere else in Australia.

An exploratory field trip took place at the Flat Rocks site in 1992 to determine the extent of the fossil layer. It soon became apparent that the site had huge potential and so annual field trips to the site began in 1994.

The annual field trips to the Flat Rocks site took place in February as low tides are at their lowest, giving the crew more time to access the site, which is located in the inter-tidal zone. Weather conditions along the south coast of Victoria can be unpredictable, but February is usually the most stable as far as the weather is concerned.

In 2013, after 20 successful field trips to the Flat Rocks site, it was decided that the Dinosaur Dreaming team would focus its sights on the new fossil locality on the Otway Coast, south-west of Melbourne. The Eric the Red West site, near the Cape Otway lighthouse, had been discovered in 2005, but remained as a secondary site as the primary site at Inverloch was still producing exciting finds. Short exploratory field trips to the site produced interesting results including the first tribosphenic mammal from the Otway Group.

In 2014 the Dinosaur Dreaming team conducted the first three week dig at Eric the Red West and the results indicate that the site has the potential to be as exciting as the Flat Rocks site.