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Help with the new menu system and other new features.

New Menu System

As foreshadowed by email, a new menu system has been implemented on the DD website, based on developments made recently for a very large website (IBC). The new menu system is used as follows.

There is a standard menu icon (three horizontal red bars) at the top left hand corner of each page. Click this icon to open the menu.

The main menu (m0) opens, it has a black background. There is a small green house shape at the top left and bottom left corners of the menu, click either of these to return to the home page. The red X at the top and bottom right corners just close the menu without changing the page you are on.

Menu items with numbers at the left and arrows at the right open sub menus.

Submenus are slightly offset from the main menu, and have a grey background. Instead of a home button, submenus have a parent menu button (upwards pointing solid red arrow) at the top and bottom left corners. The home and close buttons are still active on the main menu behind the sub menu, but the other main menu buttons are inactive while a sub menu is open. Clicking on the Main Menu title will also return you to the main menu.

In all menus, links can be to other pages on the DD website, to external websites, or to pdf files - these last are labelled "pdf". Each link has a counter value at the right, this is the number of times that link has been activated since the counters were reset. The date the counters were last reset is shown at the bottom of the main menu. If a link can be activated from more than one place (quick links or the menu system), the link counter value is the total of all activations.

All links open in a new tab in your browser. This is so that you can easily return to where you were by returning to the previous tab. To avoid building up a large number of open tabs, you can simply close the new tab when you have finished with it. Note that the Firefox browser opens a new blank tab when you click on a pdf link, but then opens the pdf page in a separate window, leaving you with an unused blank tab. All the other browsers I have tested (Edge, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari mobile) open the pdf in the new tab. Just a FF quirk.

Koolasuchus sculture background image

The Sculture background image on the home page now rotates 90 degrees if you view the page in Portrait mode. This makes the image fill the screen for a more aesthetically pleasing aspect. IMHO at least.

Book and CD headers

Book and CD headers on the home page now link to the Book and CD page in a more intuitive manner. Previously the text had to be selected, now the whole header is active.

Top of Page Link

There is now a link (open red upward pointing triangle) at the bottom left corner of each page. This link takes you back to the top of the page you are on.